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What is @ApolloNano?

ApolloNano is a twitter bot that sends out free NANO on command. The bot is running of community donations. Everyone can use the bot to tip others and receive small amounts from the faucet.

This bot has been made to help adoption and showcase NANOs near-instant, feeless transactions and capability of micro transactions.

To pick up NANO that someone else sent you please direct message the bot with a !balance and !withdraw comment.

Please withdraw your tips as the longevity of this service can not be guranteed. Not your keys, not your coins!

Tips left unpicked up for more than 30 days will be sent back to the main pool for everyone to use again.

How To Use @ApolloNano

@apollonano !tiptweet
add this to your reply to tip someone's tweet
@apollonano !autotip
tweet this to tip a random person who talks about NANO with a positive sentiment. Your tweet text will be your message to the receiver.
@apollonano !faucet nano_1tyd7..
tweet this with your own address to receive some free NANO from the faucet

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging the bot with:
shows your balance
allows you to withdraw $NANO tips
allows you to automatically transfer tips to a NANO address of your choice
shows you the available commands

Nault is a great wallet to transfer the tips to your own wallet.

Tip Rate

The tip rate is a percentage of the avalable total balance.


Feel free to get in touch with me via


With this bot everyone can tip for free and help adoption as well as spread awareness for $NANO.
In case you are interested in contributing in order to keep the bot running or increase the tip rate for others:

NANO ⋰·⋰ nano_1tyd79peyzk4bs5ok1enb633dqsrxou91k7y4zzo1oegw4s75bokmj1pey4s
Apollo NANO