Apollo NANO

Other NANO Faucets


There's another faucet on reddit.


TikTok faucet can be used by either posting your NANO address on the video(s) or mentioning the bot with your NANO address on someone elses video.

Mentioning example:
@nanotipbot Send me some NANO. nano_1tyd79peyzk4bs5ok1enb633dqsrxou91k7y4zzo1oegw4s75bokmj1pey4s


With this bot everyone can receive free faucet tips help adoption as well as spread recognition for $NANO.
In case you are interested in contributing something to help keep the bot running:

NANO ⋰·⋰ nano_1tyd79peyzk4bs5ok1enb633dqsrxou91k7y4zzo1oegw4s75bokmj1pey4s