Apollo NANO


Objective of the game is to score as much as possible and not lose all your lifes. The game is over once you lost all your lifes.


Use WASD or arrow keys to move around and your left mouse button to fire.


NANO payout occurs on end of the game or upon closing.
Minimum score of 2000 is required. Payment will be send after the end of game.
Nault and NATRIUM are great wallets to receive the NANO.

Highscores (24hrs)

Name Score Payout Hash Time

Recent Players

Name Score Payout Hash Time
YOUTOW 334570 3,229 hours ago
Unnamed 7750 3,274 hours ago
Unnamed 1690 score too low :( 3,651 hours ago
Unnamed 760 score too low :( 3,651 hours ago
Unnamed 320 score too low :( 3,651 hours ago
awholegnuworld 2240 3,664 hours ago
awholegnuworld 2800 3,664 hours ago
awholegnuworld 5340 3,664 hours ago
awholegnuworld 1380 score too low :( 3,664 hours ago
Unnamed 105670 0.000106 NANO BDE97AA4AA154048E5B07F1C044548A8E3103AE2... 3,801 hours ago
Fateh_dk 150590 0.000151 NANO 00D319E15DC1678CAC73DB96FCFD76C7E066EE70... 3,854 hours ago
Fateh_dk 194820 0.000195 NANO CAB46263C41056C45C370DC69074A479FF2B3DA1... 3,953 hours ago
Fateh_dk 44370 0.000044 NANO 4525331C3BA46ABC3DBF3A1E7108E768DDD1EC2F... 3,954 hours ago
Fateh_dk 6780 0.000007 NANO A7564EC6AFABD0CA12C7BF471624E86BB06967F7... 3,955 hours ago
Fateh_dk 1220 score too low :( 3,955 hours ago


Donations are appreciated, help spreading adoption for NANO and keep this game running.
Donations can be sent to:
NANO ⋰·⋰ nano_1y9oznprixeg3r9ac9kp3jqgx1gfq6td6jb57efqxrsixpdigtwdwt8exfmo