Apollo NANO


Objective of the game is to score as much as possible and not lose all your lifes. The game is over once you lost all your lifes.


Use WASD or arrow keys to move around and your left mouse button to fire.


NANO payout occurs on end of the game or upon closing.
Minimum score of 2000 is required. Payment will be send after the end of game.
Nault and NATRIUM are great wallets to receive the NANO.

Highscores (24hrs)

Name Score Payout Hash Time

Recent Players

Name Score Payout Hash Time
payn 187582 0.000188 NANO D15F4A887DD8D43C31B00F83EA72B8A874B981F5... 1,126 hours ago
cosmo 4610 0.000005 NANO 8DF92A5FE47E8697E49F77A445C8E019161EFA1B... 1,126 hours ago
cosmo 5292 0.000005 NANO A72B493A4C7A07F1E75ED6CD8DC0814D793F99BD... 1,126 hours ago
payn 5898 0.000006 NANO 7A07BF6F656CA1DC4E0F0CF2B4E0A97A0D72DDC2... 1,126 hours ago
cosmo 6789 0.000007 NANO 63DB6DD824131155DE9B876237C5A47D75271A10... 1,126 hours ago
payn 4157 0.000004 NANO 92C26671844E29304441822F0EBF5FAE728E076C... 1,126 hours ago
payn 6245 0.000006 NANO 88041545D4B956A33915501E4402D504C123D488... 1,126 hours ago
cosmo 3070 0.000003 NANO 488FE7DA7A0197AD0E058F12C74A054CA70527EB... 1,126 hours ago
cosmo 15220 0.000015 NANO 188C4FB7154A8A67FE6D4BEA8B031D7D62FAD340... 1,126 hours ago
payn 10377 0.000010 NANO 3FB5C691205C681451DE962B11D883AD7C18B051... 1,126 hours ago
cosmo 2650 0.000003 NANO DEC7D0A331F5C6D16191ACBE2D121AE530D0EC40... 1,126 hours ago
payn 2220 0.000002 NANO 9445351007074DBE67A35BA516134A41EE8A76CB... 1,126 hours ago
cosmo 1230 score too low :( 1,126 hours ago
payn 930 score too low :( 1,126 hours ago
cosmo 1837 score too low :( 1,126 hours ago


Donations are appreciated, help spreading adoption for NANO and keep this game running.
Donations can be sent to:
NANO ⋰·⋰ nano_1y9oznprixeg3r9ac9kp3jqgx1gfq6td6jb57efqxrsixpdigtwdwt8exfmo